WHEREAS statistical data confirms that the average age of people in the United States of America and our world is steadily rising; and

WHEREAS today, according to the United States Department of Labor statistics, 1980, of every 100 people who reach age 65, only two of them are financially independent; and

WHEREAS many of the elderly in our world are forced to cope with old age and sickness by themselves, without aid from family, friends, church, or government; and

WHEREAS more than half of the oldest Americans, one in every 10 of those over 85 years of age, live alone and by themselves, often in spite of physical handicaps; and

WHEREAS demographic forecasters tell us this aging of America will continue well into the next century;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Church of God give added attention to this segment of our population; that we structure programs to help minister to the needs of the aged; and that we encourage all local congregations to be especially aware of the plight of those saints who have contributed so much to us during the past years (61st A., 1986, p. 56).


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