WHEREAS the problem of spouse/child abuse now is recognized as a pervasive and growing societal problem; and

WHEREAS God’s Word clearly teaches the duty of husbands and wives to relate to one another in the context of godly love (Ephesians 5:25; Colossians 3:19); and

WHEREAS God’s Word further teaches the requirement of proper parenting that is both nurturing and loving on the part of Christian parents (Ephesians 5: 21; 6:4; Colossians 3:21); and

WHEREAS abuse toward a spouse or child, whether physical, verbal, emotional or otherwise, is totally inconsistent with the principles outlined in God’s Word for relationships between spouses and between parents and children; and

WHEREAS all Church of God ministers and laity should be exhorted to model and practice appropriate family living, consistent with Scriptural principles:

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that we as a church unequivocally oppose any form of spousal, child or other abuse, whether physical, verbal, emotional, mental, or of any other kind; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that ministers and laity of the Church of God refrain from any actions violating the lofty ideals and principles of Scripture regarding treatment of spouses and children; and

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that we encourage the adoption of policies and procedures, in accordance with governmental laws and Christian principles, to prevent and correct all forms of abuse (66th A., 1996, p. 65).


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