40 Days Of Prayer And Fasting

In preparation for the 77th Church of God International General Assembly July 30 – August 3, there will be an expanded prayer emphasis. The first event in this initiative is a 40-day call to prayer and fasting from April 22 through May 31, 2018. The event is titled, Praying for Pentecost.

General Overseer Dr. Tim Hill has announced several items, opportunities, and events surrounding the period:

  1. Those wishing to participate in Praying for Pentecost are asked to sign up through the form located on this page. General Overseer Hill desires to know how many are joining in the initiative as spiritual preparations are made for the General Assembly.  Hill said, “While we are encouraging everyone to participate, I want to stress we are not recommending just one option for either prayer or fasting. Fasting includes various types and levels, such as one day, several days, one meal, even fasting certain type of foods, such as sweets or meats. Everyone who participates should decide within his or her own heart as the Lord directs.”
  2. Another component of the Praying for Pentecost initiative is a daily (Monday through Friday) five-minute prayer time. Starting promptly at 12:00 noon EST, church leaders will appear on the Church of God Facebook page (COGHQ) to offer a five-minute time of prayer, broadcast via Facebook Live. The live events will begin on Monday, April 23 and continue every weekday until Thursday, May 31.
  3. Praying for Pentecost will be a preview of the prayer emphasis at the General Assembly. For the last several years, there has been an on-site, pre-Assembly prayer event to help set the tone and offer a prayer covering for the business and worship of the Assembly. In the past, special speakers have been invited to this event, including Times Square Church Pastor Carter Conlon and former U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft. There has also – and will be this year – a designated prayer chamber for prayer throughout the week set for July 30 – August 3, 2018.

“As large as our constituency is around the globe, in 184 countries and more than 15 million adherents, the chain of fasting and prayer will be unbroken for the entire 40 days,” Hill emphasized. “With this kind of dedication, I am anticipating a great spiritual anointing at the General Assembly.”

Praying For Pentecost Bulletin Inserts

Church of God Prayer Ministries has provided eight weeks of bulletin inserts for the local church, beginning with the week of April 22, 2018. Churches that produce weekly bulletins are encouraged to download and print the weekly inserts to be available to their congregations through the end of the emphasis.

Praying For Pentecost Week 1: Download PDF

Praying For Pentecost Week 2: Download PDF

Praying For Pentecost Week 3: Download PDF

Praying For Pentecost Week 4: Download PDF

Praying For Pentecost Week 5: Download PDF

Praying For Pentecost Week 6: Download PDF

Praying For Pentecost Week 7: Download PDF

Praying For Pentecost Week 8: Download PDF