Pentecost Sunday this year is June 4. General Overseer Dr. Tim Hill is calling upon all pastors and church leaders to give fervent prayer and consideration to using the month of May to promote this critically-important event in Pentecostalism. Dr. Hill’s heartfelt burden is to see the Church of God strengthen its resolve to remain a powerful Pentecostal movement and has boldly proclaimed a goal of seeing 250,000 people around the globe receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit by June 4. Please take advantage of the resources provided on this page, through downloading videos, printing messages, or delivering sermons. Determine to commit the month of May to "Prepare for Pentecost."

Pentecost Sunday Resources

Video Messages

Videos have been prepared and are presented to further the cause of Pentecost.

Sermon Outlines

Pastors are encouraged to download these sermon outlines provided by a number of church leaders including all five of the Executive Committee members. Sermon outline are also presented in the Spanish language by a number of prominent Hispanic leaders.

English Sermons

Dr. Tim Hill

Holy Spirit Desire for You | Word | Power Point | Key Note

Releasing the Dove | Word | Power Point | Key Note

Raymond F. Culpepper

How To Receive Power | Word | Power Point | Key Note

Eighteen Benefits | Word | Power Point | Key Note

J. David Stephens

Communion of the Holy Ghost | Word | Power Point | Key Note

That Used To Be Us | Word | Power Point | Key Note

David E. Ramirez

We Are Not Drunk As You Suppose | Word | Power Point | Key Note

When Pocket Change Is Not Enough | Word | Power Point | Key Note

John D. Childers

What Did Jesus Say About the Holy Spirit? | Word | Power Point | Key Note

What Did Luke Say About The Holy Spirit? | Word | Power Point | Key Note

Spanish Sermons

Luis Rodriguez

Efectos de la Presencia del Espíritu en la Iglesia | PDF

Permaneciendo en el ES - Parte 1 | PDF

Permaneciendo en el ES - Parte 2 | PDF

José Daniel Montañez, D.Min.

El Espíritu Santo en la iglesia: Una promesa cumplida | PDF

Pentecostés: el principio del final | PDF

Carlos S. Morán, Ed.D.


Obispo Wilfredo Pagán

Lo que me recuerda Pentecostés | PDF

José Raúl Febus

La promesa | PDF

Graphic Resources

logos and event graphics are provided here for use on websites, social media and printed materials.

Pentecost Sunday Video Graphics

Pentecost Sunday Social Media Graphics

Pentecost Sunday Email Graphics

Pentecost Sunday Dove Graphics

Pentecost Sunday Text Graphics


Two books are available to assist in maximizing the understanding of Pentecost and the Holy Spirit. They are available through by clicking on the links below: