Youth Pastor, Plant City, Fla.

Cornerstone International Ministries is seeking a passionate, spirit filled youth pastor that can take over our youth program and help build it, along with the church make an impact in the kingdom and to show God's glory in the Plant City area.

Who we are:  Cornerstone International Ministries desires to merit the confidence of those who've entered into partnership with us by endlessly projecting Jesus Christ as the only cornerstone by which this ministry can stand. As followers of Jesus, we hold true to the great commission and actively pursue God's will for our lives through a mindset, not of individual goals and objectives but of a unified cohesiveness centered in Christ Jesus.

Everyone needs a place they can call home, no matter where you live in the world. Cornerstone International Ministries has a desire, to not only create that spiritual home within our people but also bridge the gap between the people of Christ in this world so unity can shine bright and lives can unite for a better tomorrow in Christ Jesus. 

To inquire, please email