Youth Ministries Pastor/Director, Severn, Md.

Heritage Christian Church is seeking a Youth Ministries Pastor/Director.

There is no more precarious life stage than that of adolescence. Therefore, a deeply spiritual, culturally savvy, and relationally oriented Youth Ministries Pastor/Director  (YMPD) is essential to every Christian church. When the prophet Joel said that in the last days God would pour out His spirit on all flesh, and in particular that young people would prophesy; at HCC we believe that he was speaking of every generation. The primary responsibility of the YMPD is to posture the youth at HCC in such a way that God will be unhindered in pouring out His Spirit in the current generation. In addition to supporting the young people of HCC, the YMPD is dedicated to a holistic approach to youth ministry.  In other words the YMPD plans to support the parents as much as he or she plans to support the students. The scope of Student Ministries (SM) at HCC includes attentiveness to the transition to Middle School through the transition to College age (twenties).  Furthermore, the SM at HCC is to reflect the general church purposes and grooves with an age appropriate application.

The Youth Ministries Pastor/Director’s relationship, and duties include:

Reporting directly to the Lead Pastor.
Operating as a full member of the CM and Sunday Sync team.
Working closely with the Children’s Pastor/Director, and if applicable Young Adult Pastor/Director for the purpose of program integration, and transition.
Continuing to nurture current public school partnerships, and develop positive relationships with new local middle and high schools for the purpose of making Jesus famous in our local student community.
Promoting the development of small group ministry in the lives of students.
Cooperating with the COG State program as prudent.
Collaborating with the Worship Pastor regarding COG Junior and Teen Talent development on the state and national level as appropriate.
Cooperating with the Fellowship Pastor/Director to develop a First Impressions Team/Guest Connection Team in order to extend hospitality to those students who are visiting for the first time.
Developing a plan to involve students in local and foreign missions work.
Developing leadership in each life stage, i.e., Middle School, High School & Young Adults, and work towards a supervisory status in order to nurture each group.
Assist the LP with sanctuary preaching.
Leverage a robust social media and internet presence to make Jesus famous through the cyber-presence of zealous Christian students.
Commitment to the faithful execution of the responsibilities noted above and any others that the Lead Pastor deems necessary.

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