Youth Internship, Grove City, Ohio

Victorious Living Church (VLC) is seeking a Student Ministry Intern.

Position Overview: The Student Ministry Internship is a training ground to equip an individual in aspects of leadership within student ministries. The desire is to affirm the individual’s call to the ministry and mentor him/her to equip the saints to do the works of the ministry. The Student Ministries Intern, at all times, is encouraged to operate in his/her spiritual gifts and according to his/her strengths in regards to abilities, skills and talents. Because of this, how the Student Ministries Intern goes about fulfilling the following description may look different from another Student Ministries Intern’s approach. There is freedom in the methods to accomplish the following ministry description:

(1) Follow the servant leadership of the Jesus Christ, the ReBirth Student Ministries’ Pastor/Director(s), and the other VLC Staff:
• We are followers of Christ, and inevitably, we come under the leadership of an individual in the ministry. The intern needs to follow and learn from Christ and the mentors .
(2) Learn and experience an intergenerational church, and the dynamics of a church student ministry .
• Learn ReBirth's Student Ministry philosophy, strategy, etc.
• Lead and organize quarterly programs and events
• Learn the strategic calendaring of youth topics and events
• Participate/learn from church programs, events, leadership meetings
(3) Follow-up with students as Christ leads and as situations arise.
• Assist in follow-up contacting of youth visitors to VLC and ReBirth.
• Attempting to build relationships with current and new students
• Follow-up with students who are in crisis, absent, etc .
(4) Learn the dynamic of relationships with student ministry leaders.
• Enlisting, recruiting, and developing leaders
• Networking names with other people for insight
• Initial contact and presentation
• Personality Dynamics: Student Ministries’ Staff to Leaders/Parents/Youth; Leaders to Youth/Parents.
• Delegation and Empowering
• Follow-up (accountability) and appreciation
(5) Strategize and execute communication for the Student Ministry
• Learn current methods and theory of communication .
• Implement communication strategies for promotion and information.
(6) Assist and lead with worship elements of the Student Ministry.
• Learn and experience various elements of using abilities in worship
• Help and co-lead various worship situations with the various ages of students
(7) Student Ministry Programming
• Learn the philosophy of programming
• Help and co-lead various programs
• Teach as led by Ministry Leaders
• Serve with other interns in 2018/19 Annual Programming
(8) Maintain reasonable office hours to accomplish planning and coordinating, and relating w ith staff.
• Working 25+ hours per week including studying, preparation, programs, camps etc.
• A detailed time log of working hours will be kept to give the intern a grasp of how much time it takes to get things accomplished in the ministry .
• Participate in the Internship Meetings with other staff and interns.
• Clear all other work schedules and major time commitments through Pastor Brent or Christina.
(9) Complete the internship with an evaluation.

Reporting Relationships
• Immediate Supervisor: Christina Smith, Youth Pastor
Brent Powell, Associate Pastor Ed Akers, Lead Pastor

To inquire, email