Worship / Youth Pastor, Stuart, Fla.

Ascent Church is a two-year old church plant in one of the most unchurched and dechurched areas of the country. Our church has grown some 500% over this time and this is a very exciting and challenging time for our church. This position is for a COMBINED position for leading worship and our youth ministry.

General Staff Overview

The ministry staff at Ascent Church will function as a team. An atmosphere of mutual respect and cooperation will be characteristic of the team. The goal is to develop and foster a strong commitment to excellence as we seek to serve and glorify God in our calling – having said that, more important than excellence and perfection is a commitment to continuous improvement. As such, each staff member will be encouraged and challenged in new ways to continuously improve, grow and evolve their respective ministry areas within the various constraints and vision of the Lead Pastor.

Connection and unity between the staff will be brought together in part via a weekly (TBR) staff meeting that will include prayer, vision casting, and a discussion of various ministry related issues. An atmosphere of open communication and discussion will be encouraged in order to promote growth and unity.

General Expectations

Maintain a high-level of integrity, honesty and character as a representative first and foremost of Jesus Christ, but secondly of Ascent Church, it’s ministries, and it’s leadership – attitude, actions and behaviors, whether on Ascent Church property or not, should reflect our devotion to and high calling in Jesus Christ
Have and maintain a growing relationship with God, evidenced by daily habits of spending time with Him and His Word, active involvement in the church, healthy time with family, and a commitment to maintain healthy accountability relationships
Support and attend all church-level activities unless previously excused – a key, albeit general, expectation for the Worship Pastor is to be an integral part of the church community. In addition to church level activities, Worship Pastor should also be involved in a small group, preferably leading, but at least attending.
Live in the Stuart or immediately surrounding area
Maintain a high-level of integrity and submit to Ascent Church Lead Pastor leadership
Maintain an attitude of humility and a willingness to grow, receive direction and correction, as well as an ongoing desire and effort to continuously improve the ministries
Attend weekly staff meetings and be an active contributor and leader in those meetings
Specific Expectations and Responsibilities

Worship -

Previous worship leadership experience preferred but not required
Experience with Pro-presenter preferred, but becoming an expert with be required
Must be a self-starter and highly motivated and able to learn and adapt to a changing environment
Experience in other areas, as noted above, is desirable but not required. Teaching experience is also a plus.
Specific duties
Develop and execute an annual strategic plan for the worship ministry – review with Lead Pastor for approval
Recruit and develop a worship team (vocal and instrumental) for our Sunday services
Lead and coordinate rehearsal(s) / sound check(s)
Lead Sunday morning Worship; empower others to lead, as appropriate, but with the understanding that the Worship Pastor is leading the majority of the time
Encourage excellence in ministry and musicianship among the worship team, as well as foster and encourage an environment and culture of continuous improvement – this means at a minimum to set the tone in terms of excellence and improvement
Develop and maintain strong relationships with the members of the team – this includes helping them to grow, keeping them plugged in, addressing any issues or concerns they have, and ensuring that this team is strong, cohesive, dedicated and growing; pastoring the team is critical
Ensure worship center is prepared for Sunday morning service, including powering up all related sound, lighting and media equipment, loading any Pro/P files, as well as all other basic requirements for being ready for Sunday morning service.
Checking, adjusting, maintaining, repairing and / or replacing all worship related equipment (sound, lights, other stage equipment, etc.). Any issues should be brought to the attention of the Lead Pastor as soon as reasonably possible, along with recommendations for path forward – upon approval, Worship Pastor is responsible for implementing any and all improvements, repairs, etc.
Coordinate the various elements and personnel involved in each worship service, including vocals, instruments, media, sound and lighting
Develop weekly service orders – includes song selection, service order, loading lyrics, as well as any other relevant files, videos, chord charts, etc.


Develop and execute an annual strategic plan for the Youth Ministry – review with Lead Pastor for approval. Notionally and minimally, this will include a weekly evening Youth service, to include live worship, social / fun activities and a Biblical sermon / message. The Youth Ministry is to be well-planned and executed with excellence – the planning for the foundations for this ministry will be put together as a team, including inviting some parents or other outside consultants to help establish a strong ministry.
Recruit and lead a team to support Youth Ministry
Lead and coordinate rehearsal / band / other activities / message, and all elements of the Youth Service.
Develop and maintain strong relationships with leaders and the youth in our church – this includes helping them to grow, keeping them plugged in, discipling them, helping them grow in relationship with one another, and spending time with them.
Encourage Sunday attendance among the youth and possibly encourage them to sit together and establish true friendships and community
Lead, coordinate, and attend a TBD annual out-of-town summer camp with the youth
Lead, coordinate other youth activities throughout the year, including, as necessary, fundraisers for summer camp


In addition to the above, the Worship / Youth Pastor may also be called upon to teach the adult Wednesday night Bible class either on occasion, or perhaps on an ongoing basis at the discretion of the Lead Pastor..
The Worship / Youth Pastor may also be called upon to provide leadership and significant support in the execution of the Buy-a-tree-Change-a-life ministry. This includes for a short period of time, serving extra hours to fill gaps in the schedule and to ensure coverage.

The Worship / Youth Pastor will also fulfill other associate /assistant pastoral duties as called upon by the Lead Pastor. This position is broad in it's scope.

To inquire, please email admin@ascent.cc.