Worship/Youth Pastor, Bloomington, Minn.

New Life Church in Bloomington, Minnesota, is seeking a keyboard player and worship leader. Ideally to be filled by married couple, the keyboardist would play and lead worship in the Sunday services.  They would also serve as youth minister or youth leader with duties on Sunday morning and Wednesday evenings.  This would be a full or 3/4 time position and might require some office coverage.  

The spouse may serve within the church or seek supplemental income if they so desire. The pastor and church would be willing to negotiate the exact nature and responsibilities of the position.  

Life Church is located in Bloomington, Minnesota which is a suburb of Minneapolis.  The church is located approximately fifteen minutes from the International Airport and the Mall of America.

 A current resume and all applicable information should be available at the time of contact. Please email denniswhitter@gmail.com.