Worship and Creative Arts Pastor, Oak Ridge, Tenn.

Heritage Church is seeking a Worship and Creative Arts Pastor. The position calls for a person who is visionary and creative, able to communicate a direction in such a manner so as to inspire and surround themselves with people willing to join in the pursuit of that purpose.  The position serves as the coordinating point to all aspects of worship. This person may not personally direct each area, but will recruit, oversee, and develop others to share in the leadership.  This position will shepherd the many people who serve in this ministry.  In addition, the position calls for a person who is skilled in graphic design and AVL. The position requires a creative eye and skill set. This is a full-time salaried position.  

Job Must-Have
Experience in leading a worship team/band.
Talented both vocally and in leading from the stage.
Ability to make sound, critical decisions under pressure.
A team player with excellent communication skills.
Passion to grow the local church
Position Responsibilities:

1.   Plan, coordinate, communicate, and evaluate the many facets of Weekend Worship Experiences and other special services on the church calendar, such as Christmas Eve.

2.   Provide leadership and direction to ministry areas associated to this position, including:


Worship Team
Worship Planning    
Audio Video Lighting
Performing Arts
Graphic Arts/Communication

3.   Keep current in worship resources, music, and technologies that enhance and engage the worship experience for the diverse population of the Church.

4.   Model and exemplify a life-growing in personal and corporate worship.

5.   Submit a yearly budget and operate within the approved budget guidelines.

6.   Develop a worship leading process that incorporates existing worship people and allows for the recruiting, training, and scheduling of new people in the worship leading experience.

7.   Meet as required with Heritage Pastor and Ministry leaders for encouragement, prayer, communication, and networking.

8.  Meet on a regular basis with Worship Ministry lead volunteers providing encouragement and evaluation regarding volunteer performance.

9.  Lead Weekend and other Services, including rehearsals, training and equipping others to share in leading opportunities as well.

10.  Assist in the planning and initiating of large events such as concerts that fit the purpose and ministry of Heritage.

Competencies and Required Skills

A growing and personal relationship with Jesus Christ demonstrated in a life lived above reproach, with honesty, integrity and accountability.
Musical proficiency and the ability to work with a wide variety of skills levels. Minimum of least a Bachelors Degree, preferably in a music or communication field.
Communication, both oral, written, graphic design and web development.
Organization:  the ability to plan, recruit, delegate, evaluate, and to follow through on details.
Comfortable with the use of AVL technology, and proficient with Planning Center, Power Point, PCO, Propresenter, and video projection.
Supervisory skills and the ability to give and receive honest feedback.
A heart for the Spiritual formation of those in the congregation and worship ministry.
Previous experience leading a church worship ministry.
Understands worship leading and participation as a team calling, and not performance.
Seeks excellence in every aspect of the Worship and Creative Arts Ministry.

Please send resumes along with video of you leading worship to Jason@hfchurch.org

Salary based on experience and qualifications.