Student Pastor, Greenville, Miss.

Impact Church is a contemporary church in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Our mission at Impact Church is to give people who are far from God the opportunity to know him and to make Him known.

Our focus is on ministries that offer healing, mending, and restoration. We desire to be a vessel of God's love and mercy as we minister to those who have been broken by the weight of sin and bondage. We strive to be authentic in our walk, in our worship, and in our relationships.

Greenville is full of culture, it has a rich history, and it is a great place to live. It's only a short 2 hour drive to our state capital in Jackson, a 2 hour drive to Little Rock, ARK., and only a 3 hour drive to historic Memphis, TN.

We are currently seeking a student pastor and are offering a part time salary. We have had a full-time student pastor recently and we hope to make this a full time position soon. Currently, our student ministry is in a place of rebuilding. It has ran as high as 125 students with active bus ministry, but we only have 20 students currently active. However, we already have connections with local schools. We just need someone to come in who feels called to pastor students. We have vans available for a potential van ministry, an updated student sanctuary, and a gymnasium that can be used for student ministry. There is also a team of adults ready to step in and serve alongside the student pastor.

What is expected? The student pastor will be responsible for weekly student services, monthly small groups, and staying connected to students through campus presence. We understand that there are challenges being a part time student pastor. We want to work with someone to help them do student ministry well while also holding a secular job.

Ministerial credentials are welcomed, but not required.

What is required:
1. Applicant must be passionate about Jesus.
2. Applicant must be transparent.
3. Applicant must be able to work as part of a team.
4. Applicant must love students.
5. Applicant must be teachable.
6. Applicant must be able to connect with students from all walks of life.

Impact Church is not for everyone. We are not traditional in our approaches to ministry. We are in the process of revitalizing a church full of people that love Jesus. Our main concern is people. We love them, we help them, we offer grace to them, and we make a place for them because we are them. We are a church full of people that want a genuine relationship with Jesus. We don't want a show. We are not interested in doing church for the sake of doing church. We are not perfect, but we are a family of faith determined to allow the love of God to unify people who normally would never be connected. We are a melting pot of older saints, empty nesters, and young adults. We are not hung up on dress. The pastor may show up on Sunday in a suit (very rarely a tie) and the next week he may preach in a button down shirt and jeans. We are more concerned with clean hearts than an expensive outfit. If this sounds like a place that you would like to know more about, we'd love to talk with you.

First, check out our website.

Second, go to Facebook and check out our Facebook page. This is where you will get a much better feel for the church culture on a week to week basis. You'll find sermon graphics, events,and Live services that will help you see our church in a more holistic way.

Lastly, you may want to check out our pastor's Facebook account.

Once you've looked through those things, we'd love to hear from you. You can e-mail Pastor Jae with your resume at . Please include references.