Student Pastor, Augusta, GA

The Student Pastor of Oasis Church is responsible for The Student Ministry of Oasis Church which includes any and all ministry team leaders and volunteers within the Student Ministry. He/she shall strategize, develop, motivate, and improve this ministry on a continual basis.

This position shall be responsible to recruit, train, empower and evaluate qualified individuals to serve on the Student Ministry team as necessary. This shall include the development of ministry position qualifications, monitoring performance and ministry leadership development. He/she shall foster spiritual disciplines in their own lives and the life of their subordinates. He/ she shall maintain effective working relationships with all other staff members.

Student Ministry:

> Create, evaluate and revise strategy and overall effectiveness

> Align strategy with the vision of the church as a whole.

> Discover, develop and sharpen ministry team leaders and volunteers

> Ensure that the Student Ministry is organized in a way that promotes excellence in programming and opportunities for adult and student involvement.

> Schedule, plan and execute Student Ministry Meetings and Parent Informational Meetings on a frequent routine basis

> Manage the Student Ministry budget with wisdom and wise stewardship

> Operate Student Ministry within the budget parameters and spending procedures set by the Lead Pastor and the Board of Deacons of Oasis

> Plan and execute weekly Student Ministry services

> Schedule and execute regular Student Ministry events and trips

Pastoral Assistance:

> Support the Lead Pastor, Executive Pastor and staff as required in the development and execution of all Oasis Church Business processes.  

> Assist in hospital visitation, pastoral care, funeral arrangements, weddings, Sunday Morning/Wednesday Night preaching and other special events.  

> Assist in creative service planning and implementation.  

> Assist in volunteer ministry development.  

> Embody and perpetuate the Oasis Church Vision.  

> The Student Pastor is a role that is directly responsible and submissive to the Authority of The Executive Pastor.  His/Her heart should be that of servant leadership and honor for our Lead Pastor, Executive Pastor and the entire team.

If you are interested in this position please send a cover letter, resume and a family photo to