Communications Director, Boaz, Ala.

Free Life Worship in Boaz, Alabama is seeking a Communications Director. 

Communication has become complex. There are dozens of channels and mediums through which we interact and share information. Jessica from women’s group may love to communicate through Facebook, while Dave from study group doesn’t have a Facebook and prefers to text. We need a communicator that can see the forest through the trees and help us reach our diverse audiences of people. We need a church communicator! Someone that has a creative soul, a knack for planning and most importantly, a love for Jesus Christ.

We need someone to help us with:
Communication strategy and content optimization
Project management
Brand management
Copywriting and design creation: content organization, layouts and other visual elements
Managing mobile, web, and social media platforms

We need someone that can collaborate with church leadership, ministry teams, and other individuals to create a communication strategy and then champion that strategy.
They will audit the needs and inner workings of the church. They will see the big picture, and help prioritize, create, and place content.

They will ensure that the church’s brand rings true and is an integral part of the communication strategy. Free Life Worship has its own unique way of spreading and articulating God’s message. We believe it’s this unique voice, style, and overall experience that helps to attract and retain members as well as keep them actively involved and serving in the many ministry opportunities that are continuous. Whether it’s shown through a logo, social media post, email or text message, our church communicator will consistently deliver communications that are authentic to the church and the church’s brand.

The Free Life Worship Church Communicator will work to streamline processes and efforts, as well as to reduce “noise.” When we talk about noise, we’re referring to the bombardment of content and messages that members receive on a daily basis. Gobs of emails, notifications, and posts flood our brains and compete for our attention. Our church communicator will create quality, targeted content so that our messages aren’t getting lost in the shuffle. With so many events, social media groups, and calls to action happening, there’s likely overlap in the work that’s being done. The church communicator will form and execute the strategy, this proper planning prevents wasted manpower, time, and resources.

The Free Life Worship Church Communicator will work diligently to impart a consistent vision and reliable processes in order to boost clarity, productivity, and morale — all of which break down ministry silos.

Tools that will be provided:

Apps, calendars, features and more

Insights + Analytics

Outside vendors + volunteers




Free Life Worship is an encouraging, life-giving, Spirit-filled church located in Boaz, Alabama.  We are strategically located where we are reaching people from five different counties that make up our church community.  

We are located outside the hustle and bustle of the Big City, but within a short drive to all Big City has to offer.  

If you are interested in this opportunity please email your resume to