Church Planter, St. Louis, Mo.

The Illinois Church of God State Office has been offered, debt free, a church building! Our plan is to partner with a strong church planter, provide the building at no charge and reach the surrounding community for Christ!

The building is in the heart of Wood River, Illinois, an East Metro suburb of St. Louis. The population is about 11,000 people but it is surrounded by other similar suburbs. Madison County has around 270,000 residents so the area is full of people within driving distance! Wood River is about 15 miles north of Downtown St. Louis.

The community of Wood River is in need of an outreach focused church. It is considered a lower-middle class city and has been described as “blue collar”.  An effective church will provide life-changing worship services as well as evangelism, discipleship and community engagement activities outside of the church building.

The building and property are not large but they are in good shape. Some nice renovations have been completed in the sanctuary (carpet, paint, lighting). The location is just off the main street in Wood River and near the commercial district. There is off street parking, offices, 5 classrooms, a large nursery, and fellowship area in the basement. There is a sound system, large screen TVs on the platform walls and a PC for multimedia. The sanctuary is furnished with pews, capacity of just over 100. There is a riding lawnmower for grounds keeping. Please pardon the outreach items in the pictures, they will be removed.

What the State Office will do:
The State will provide the building for the new church at no charge. The new church will be responsible for insurance, utilities, maintenance and repairs.
The State will provide matching funds of up to $6,000 for the first year, to be revisited after that point.
The State will provide coaching, training and accountability.  
The State will donate some equipment and advertising gear (banner stands, sandwich boards, etc.)  
The State will assist with promotions on social media.  
The State Office will commit to significant prayer and moral support.

What we are looking for in a church planter:  
Must have a strong devotional life, fully committed to the Lord, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, must be teachable.
If married, the marriage relationship must be healthy.
Must have a solid financial standing and good credit record (little debt, pay bills on time).
Must be able to develop and effectively communicate the mission and vision of the church.
Must be effective at strategic planning.
Must be a US citizen.
Must embrace cross cultural and cross generational ministry, must be missionally focused and must personally invest in the surrounding community.
Willing to participate in continued training. Reading, conferences, and seminars.
Able to build a core team and train volunteers.
Able to raise funds.
Willing to be co-vocational or have a source of financial support.
Possibility of securing a “mother church” to assist with prayer, financial support, volunteer teams to visit and serve.
Credentialed with the Church of God and plans to advance.
Faithful in monthly Ministerial reports.
Participation in and cooperation with the State and District program.
Must make a minimum of a 5 year commitment to the church.

Desired time line and potential steps:
Move to Wood River, Il in the early Fall of 2020.
Secure a job, housing and school for children if appropriate. Fall 2020.
Fundraising: immediate and continued.
Begin building relationships in the community, build a leadership team and begin gathering a core team. Fall 2020 – Spring 2021.
Conduct Vision Meetings January – Spring 2021.
Begin Bible studies January 2021.
Launch new church – Easter Sunday, April 4, 2021!
Function as a growing Mission Church until Spring of 2022, organize with the Church of God in the Spring of 2022.    

If you would like to discuss further details or be considered for this opportunity, please prepare a curriculum vitae or resume, including ministerial references.  Email this with a cover letter to Administrative Bishop Rick Whitter at

Please consider sending this opportunity to a friend who may be interested.