Assistant, Administrative, and Childen’s Pastors, Brunswick, Ga.

Shake the Nations Church is a brand new Church plant in Brunswick Georgia. Our mission is to be a church that pours our hearts into our community. We want to love on every person we come in contact with. Our mission is: "To cultivate and equip a generation of believers to lead other generations to Christ through the teaching of Biblical Truths, an intense message backed by scripture, corporate worship, while highlighting the love of Jesus that binds us all together."

We want to be the Church for the unchurched. We want to see the lost, and the broken find a love they never knew in a man named Jesus.

We are currently seeking candidates for our Pastoral staff, as well as our worship team. Our services will be held at the Ballard Complex to begin with. The following volunteer positions are available:

-Assistant Pastor
-Administrative Pastor
-Children's Pastor

If you are seeking an opportunity to Shake the Nations, and bring Revival to Brunswick, then STNC is the place for you. For more information, email Pastor Jonathan at