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Episode 59: Insistent, Ignited, Identified

Episode 58: The Shield of Faith

Episode 19: Arnold Godwin

Special Interview with Dr. Tim Hill

Episode 18: Charles W. Conn

Episode 55: Eric Petree - The Speech of Pentecost

Episode 17: Bennie Triplett

Episode 16: Victor Pagan

Episode 57: Pentecostal Reflection from the 77th Church of God General Assembly

Episode 15: Wade H. Horton

Episode 56: Filled for My Employment

Episode 54: Adam Baird

Episode 55: Hide Me Behind the Cross

Episode 52: Brad Lewis

Episode 14: Lovell Cary

Episode 54: The Speed of God’s Favor

Episode 53: Looking Forward to Looking Back

Episode 52: Too Broken to Mend

Episode 51: Ben Warrick - Be Their Mirror

Episode 13: Dr. Bill Sheeks

Episode 51: Be Faithful

Episode 50: A Second-Choice World

Episode 49: Jesus Loves People

Episode 50: Jason Daughdrill - A People of the Presence

Episode 48: Satan’s Greatest Fear

Episode 49: Trey Powell - Made Right

Episode 12: The Branham Family

Episode 47: Kings in Our Kids

Episode 48: Justin Bates - Prepare for Provision

Episode 46: Only a Test

Episode 47: Jamie Barfield – One Body

Episode46: Brett Hogland - The Voice of Jesus Christ

Episode 45: The Great Commission

Episode 11: Walter P. Atkinson

Episode 44: A New Year’s Resolution

Episode 43: We Still Need a Savior

Episode 10: J.L. Wiggins

Episode 42:What a Difference a Day makes

Tithe of Tithes

Episode 41: What’s Over Your Head, Is Under His Feet

Episode 9: Dr. George Voorhis

Episode 40: God Is My Refuge

Episode 39: What do you think of Christ?

Episode 45: Andrew Flippo - What God says, it Will Come to Pass

Episode 8: Wallace Sibley

Episode 44: Phillip Walker -God Will Lift You Up

Episode 38: The Favor of God

Episode 37: God’s Love is Stronger

Episode 7: Margaret Gaines

Episode 43: JB Hurt - God Is the Same God

Episode 36: A Cure for the Pessimistic Epidemic

Episode 6: Carl Richardson

Episode 5: Loida Camacho

Episode 35: Touch Christ in Faith

Episode 4: Asbury Sellars

Episode 3: T.L. Lowery

Episode 34:  Labels, Limits, and Lift

Ep. 2: Ray H. Hughes - Former three-time General Overseer for the Church of God

Episode 33: Bless God And Live

Ep. 1: Raymond Crowley - Former General Overseer, General Assembly 1990

Episode 32: Dress For Success

Episode 42: Brett Wright - Pass on the Hunger

Episode 41: Jason Isaacs - The Mountain Is the Miracle

Episode 40: Adam Fulghum

Episode 39:  Ryan Trawick - God Still Speaks

Episode 38: JC Worley - Power of the Holy Spirit

Episode 37: Daniel Pinero

Episode 36: Arlene Hall

Episode 31: No Panic with Jesus

Episode 35: Cruz Mario Paniagua

Episode 30: A Choice to Rejoice

Episode 34: Shawn Baker

Episode 29: The Cure for a Troubled Heart

Episode 33: Blaine Keathley

Episode 32: Travis Ballinger - God Wants to Do Something Supernatural

Episode 28: Amazing Grace

Episode 31: Anthony Braswell - Fan the Flames

Episode 27: Reach Out and Touch Him

Episode 30: Tracy Stone

Episode 29: Josue Collins - Seek First the Kingdom (SPANISH)

Episode 26 - The Wind of God

Episode 28: Travis Gore

Episode 27: Patrick Casey - Get With God’s Program

Episode 26: Cruz Mario Paniagua

Episode 25: A Fantastic Formula for Forgiveness

Episode 25:Chad Dingess

Episode 24: Angel Marcial

Episode 24: Filled for Our Employment

Episode 23: Theresa Arwood

Episode 22: Shea Hughes

Episode 21: Caleb Gordon

Episode 23: The Spirit at Pentecost

Episode 20: Brandon Smith

Episode 19: Michael Ball

Episode 22: What a friend we have in Jesus

Episode 18: Fijoy Johnson - Worship Brings Deliverance

Episode 17: Darla Scalf

Episode 21: Enjoy Your Relationship With Christ

Episode 16: Justin Sharpe - Be a Spiritual Leader

Episode 15: Michelle Davenport - God’s Plan

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Episode 58: The Shield of Faith

Episode 58: The Shield of Faith

Episode 19: Arnold Godwin

Episode 19: Arnold Godwin