WHEREAS many television programs are filled with scenes depict- ing violence and bloodshed; where precious human life is counted as cheap by portraying the taking of life; where many times almost nude people are presented; where language is often obscene and obnoxious; where abnormal lifestyles are portrayed as culturally accepted; and where the Biblical view of a family is disdained; and

WHEREAS children spend many hours viewing television during their formative years;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we urge everyone to exercise control over the selection of programs viewed in their homes; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Church of God at its General Assembly go on record as protesting such questionable television programs and join with NAE and PFNA in presenting such protest to the Federal Communication Commission, insisting that all of us use our influence on producers and sponsors to present programs of higher moral quality (56th A., 1976, p. 34).

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