WHEREAS we have come to an era of history when anarchy raises its evil head to give expression in resentment, strife, hatred, rebellion, riots, and wars; and

WHEREAS this nefarious, incorrigible spirit does not restrict its operation to street lawlessness, college disruptions and government upheavals, but seductively laces its poisonous tentacles into pulpits and pews where should abound the glory of order and peace;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we express to our government leaders our support and prayers for all righteous effort on their part to curb this lawlessness. But more importantly;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we pledge to ourselves and to each other that we shall strive to thwart this pernicious evil by personally manifesting holy reverence to God, respect for law and order, and Christian regard for the rights of all men (52nd A., 1968, pp.40-42).

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