WHEREAS there is now an increasing epidemic of AIDS in our world, and this disease is becoming the number one health concern of peoples of the world; and

WHEREAS there is much fear, confusion, and prejudice concerning AIDS, and a great need for more research in the treatment of this mysterious virus; and

WHEREAS we see the need for educating young people in sexual morality and in drug-free living; and

WHEREAS it is the desire of the Church of God to demonstrate com-passion, to encourage medical research, and to show courage in helping to make a difference in this epidemic;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Church of God maintain a positive approach of ministry to these sick and suffering victims, and their families, with godly care and compassion; and convey to them that both spiritual and physical healing are available through the power of the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord (63rd A., 1990, p. 64).

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