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The following media files can be downloaded for use in bulletins, flyers, etc... Please remember that they are under copyright protection.

Under the copyright protection of the following logos, you may make single copies if they are solely for personal or individual church use, if you reserve the copyright and give proper credit. You may not reproduce or distribute copies to others, in whole or in part, whether or not for a charge, without prior permission from the Church of God Publishing House. For more information on copyright permission, call Pathway Press at (423) 478-7550.

Instructions: Right click on the desired format (Mac users click and hold). Select "save target as" and select a location on your local computer to save the file.

General Assembly 2010

GA 2010 Dark Background
General Assembly 2010
Light Background (TIF) | Dark Background (TIF)

Light (JPG) | Dark (JPG)



General Assembly 2012

General Assembly 2012 jpeg

Spanish Version


Church of God Logos

COG Logo Black Church of God Logo - Black
jpg JPG, TIF TIFF, PSD PSD, WMF WMF, Bitmap BMP, Adobe Illustrator AI


COG Logo Blue Church of God Logo - Blue
jpg JPG


COG Logo Blue Black Church of God Logo - Blue-Black
jpg JPG


COG Logo Gold Church of God Logo - Gold
jpg JPG


COG Logo Red Church of God Logo - Red
jpg JPG


COG Logo Red Church of God Logo - Sunset
jpg JPG



  Church of God Logo With World

jpg JPG


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