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International Executive Council

The Church of God International Council of Eighteen is a body of 18 ministers elected from within the ranks of Ordained Bishops of the Church of God during the bi-ennial General Assembly. The Council of Eighteen serves with the International Executive Committee to form the International Executive Council, a body which establishes polity and directs the ministries of the Church. The IEC also includes the moderator of the Full Gospel Church of God in South Africa and the national overseer of Indonesia. Members of the Council of Eighteen are elected for two year terms and may be elected to two consecutive terms.

Executive Council

2012-2014 Executive Council

(seated, l-r): M. Thomas Propes, secretary general; J. David Stephens, second assistant; Mark Williams, general overseer; David Griffis, first assistant; Wallace Sibley, third assistant.

Council of Eighteen (middle row, l-r): Victor Pagan, Dwight Allen, Michael Baker, J. Martin Taylor, Niko Njotorahardjo, William Isaacs, David Cooper, Mitchell Maloney. (back row, l-r): Chris Moody, Tom Madden, Jerry Chitwood, Daniel Vassell, David Ramirez, Oliver McMahan, Kevin Wallace, Gerald McGinnis, Bryan Cutshall, Ishmael Charles.


The 2012-2014 International Council of Eighteen consists of the following men, listed in order of their election and where they presently serve in ministry:


  • William E. Isaacs, state overseer, Ohio

    T. Bryan Cutshall, senior pastor, Twin Rivers Worship Center, St. Louis, Mo.

    Victor Pagan, Cleveland, Tenn.

    Mitchell Maloney, senior pastor, North Cleveland Church of God, Cleveland, Tenn.

    Thomas A. Madden, state overseer, Delmarva-D.C.

    David E. Ramirez, field director, Latin America

    Ishmael Prince Charles, field director, Caribbean

    Jerry F. Chitwood, representative, World Missions

    Michael L. Baker, state overseer, North Georgia

    Kevin E. Wallace, senior pastor, Redemption Point, Ooltewah, Tenn.

    Gerald McGinnis, senior pastor, Park West Church of God, Knoxville, Tenn.

    Chris Moody, senior pastor, South Cleveland Church of God, Cleveland, Tenn.

    David C. Cooper, senior pastor, Mount Paran Church of God, Atlanta, Ga.

    Niko Njotorahardjo, senior pastor, Gereja Bethel Church, Jakarta, Indonesia

    J. Martin Taylor, senior pastor, Sumiton Church of God, Sumiton, Ala.

    Dwight E. Allen, senior pastor, Cooper City Church of God, Cooper City, Fla.

    Daniel J. Vassell, Sr., administrative bishop, Canada-Ontario

    Oliver L. McMahan, vice president, Pentecostal Theological Seminary


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