Hurricane Matthew Hits Caribbean, Headed to U.S Coast

Latest video update from General Overseer Tim Hill

Octobber 5, 2016 - Meteorologists tracking a massive hurricane, which has already blasted Haiti, Jamaica and other Caribbean countries,  are forecasting that the slow-moving weather system will track up the east coast of the United States by Thursday. Before it arrives, residents of the Bahamas are preparing for a direct hit by Hurricane Matthew, a massive, category 4 storm, currently centered over Haiti.

Operation Compassion and other ‘first responders’ are already mobilized and prepared to move into the devastated areas as the storm advances.  Weather trackers are now saying the formation of another system in the Atlantic, Tropical Storm Nicole, is pushing Hurricane Matthew closer to the U.S coastal areas of Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina, all which have already declared states of emergency in anticipation of what forecasters are calling the most powerful storm in 50 years. Government leaders in Florida have warned coastal residents to move out of the area ahead of the hurricane, an evacuation expected to surpass the 1999 evacuation caused by Hurricane Floyd.

Church of God leaders are keeping a close watch on the situation and are remaining in close contact with the affected states and countries. General Overseer Tim Hill has been in touch with first response agencies, all of who will be monitoring the storm over the next several days. 

In discussing the preparations, Dr. Hill noted: “Operation Compassion and the other ‘first responders’ from the Church of God are ready to move forward immediately to assist those in need. Although they have spent weeks providing assistance to those devastated by flooding in Louisiana, our teams are ready to move in once the storm moves out. While we are praying that the impact of the storm is not as drastic as some are predicting, our ‘first responders’ will be there to provide assistance to all in need.”

Dr. Hill noted that while Operation Compassion, Men and Women of Action, God’s Pit Crew, and other similar groups are Church of God related organizations, disasters have no religious affiliations - and the Church of God will be on the ground to assist any and all that need assistance.

Church of God Communications will continue updates as warranted. In the meantime, please keep those in the path of this storm uppermost in your prayers. ​