Telling the Story

These resources are a collection of contemporary histories of the Church of God or some aspect of the Church of God movement.

Like a Mighty Army: A History of the Church of God, Definitive Edition, 1886-1995 (Cleveland, Tenn.: Pathway Press, 1996) is the official history of the Church of God. Written by church historian Charles W. Conn, it can be purchased from Pathway Press.

"Restorationism and a Vision for World Harvest: A Brief History of the Church of God (Cleveland, Tennessee)"
Written by David G. Roebuck, Ph.D., director of the Hal Bernard Dixon Jr. Pentecostal Research Center, this history was originally prepared for publication in The Acts of Pentecost, ed. Yung-Chul Han (Seoul, Korea: Han Young Theological University, 1998). The Acts of Pentecost was published in conjunction with the 18th Pentecostal World Conference.

"The First Twenty-One Years of the Church of God"
Written by James M. Beaty, Ph.D., this is a brief account of Church of God history from the founding of the Christian Union on August 19, 186 to the adoption of the name "Church of God" at the second annual assembly in 1907.


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